2.10. A man was brought before a tribal chief, who
asked him a question. If he had known the answer, he probably would have
died. He didn’t, and lived. (MWD original)

2.10 answer: The native chief asked him, “What is the third baseman’s
name in the Abbot and Costello routine ‘Who’s on First’?” The man, who had
no idea, said “I don’t know,” the correct answer. However, he was a major
smartass, so if he had known the answer he would have pointed out that What
was the second baseman’s name. The chief, being quite humorless,
would have executed him on the spot. This is fairly silly, but I like it
too much to remove it from the list.

2.10 variant answer: The question was, “What does the tattoo on my
daughter’s tush say?” or any other question whose answer reveals that you
know more than you should. Of course, for this sort of question one can lie
and say one doesn’t know even if one does. (FF)