Situation Puzzles: Answers Wanted

(Last changed: 8 January 1999.)

If you know the puzzles described on this page, or their answers, please let me know.

Only a couple here right now:

Mike Neergard wrote (back in ’91): “There’s also another one that has a tiger and a cage with vines all over it or something. I don’t remember it very well — I was only 8! If you hear about it, I WANT IT. Drives me
nuts once in awhile.”

Nancy Sequeira wrote: “There are 2 men – one is blind & the other is mute. The mute dreamt that the blind man had died and he had buried the blind man. The mute wants to tell the blind man his dream. How does he do so?” I can think of half a dozen answers to this, but no really elegant situation-puzzle-style answers. I suspect this is a well-known riddle, but I haven’t heard it before. If you know a well-established answer, or if you come up with a very clear and elegant solution, let me know. No need to send me random guesses or clever contrived suggestions. (And I suspect the original intended answer didn’t involve electronic technology or sign language.)

(There was another puzzle on this page, regarding canaries dying of dehydration in space. I’ve been amused to received half a dozen completely different “definitive” answers from readers… But I think I know which one is right, and I don’t think it makes a good situation puzzle, so I’m not going to add it to my list. No need to send me further email about this one.)

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