Letters from Marcy #36: 25 April 1968

An update from a couple weeks after the previous letter. I’m glad to learn that my favorite “word” at age four weeks was “oy.”





Sorry I couldn’t write for so long—waited to hear from you & then came down with a breast infection—it wasn’t really serious, just a warning that I’d better stop running around & start getting more sleep, & for emphasis it kept me in bed with an intermittent fever for about 2 ½ days—it was really nice—I couldn’t do anything—Peter cooked & took care of Jed & cleaned up, and one of the mothers from the school came & did the laundry (which Peter has been doing) & all I had to do was nurse & sleep—which I did. Such luxury—never again, they tell me. Even with a second baby, there’s then the first one to think about.

So on that particular issue of Rampart: it was the only one we had around, & we wanted you to see the magazine.

How did McCarthy do in the Phila primary? We generally get a newspaper every few days & sometimes miss things—we are registered in the Peace & Freedom Party & have to change our registration to vote for him in the Calif. democratic primary, but we keep forgetting. Why import students from Connecticut? Can’t Philadelphia supply its own political workers?

Have to go—Jed is crying & I want to get this in today’s mail—will write more soon—best to Aunt Stelle & others—

All is well & happy & nourished

Yes, he talks—amazingly accurate responses to things—favorite word is “oy!” with “mmooommmm” a close second—also “ah!” (these are not cries but voice-sounds. often very funny)—but now he’s really complaining—

Love from Peter & Jed &


Postmark: Mendocino, CA, Apr 25, 1968. Handwritten: “Rec’d this 4/27/68” and “Ans this 5/2.”

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