Letters from Marcy: Six Day School prospectus #1

Here’s an appendix to the letters from Marcy to her parents: a prospectus for the Six Day School, which she mentioned in some of her letters from California.

The underlined bits were underlined by hand, using a black marker. I’m guessing it was Marcy who underlined them, but I don’t know for sure. The handwritten parts are definitely Marcy’s handwriting.

I think this was included with one of her letters home, probably at least in part as a request for donations from her parents.

She also provided some other Six Day School materials, which I haven’t gotten around to digitizing yet.

[Handwritten: This is a very early prospectus; note
increasing firmness & solidity in later ones.]

"The appropriate act of man is an act of service."

                       SIX DAY SCHOOL
                        A prospectus

     Justinian the Roman closed the Mystery Schools in the
sixth century B.C. Degeneracy of content and conduct had
been increasing for several centuries prior, but their
official closing drew the final veil between true cause and
effect in the mind of normal civilized man. Since then the
academy has attempted to deal with effect independent of
true cause while the church has been committing the opposite
error. As one looking to heaven and the other looking to
earth, we have been ignoring the practical connection. Part
of the function of Six Day School is to help restore that

     All of humanity is aware of some version of the fact
that these are unique times of major change. In the language
of his own culture and occupation everyone is telling
everyone else that a new order of things is upon us. Not
only man but the planet itself is obviously undergoing a
vast crisis. Enlightened and efficient service in the cause
of relief, liberation and unity is yet fervent but sparse.

     The purpose of Six Day School is to help man to see the
truth in the light of his own divinity that he may then,
through application on all levels of expression and
experience serve his creator by serving His creation. The
special work of Six Day School is the exaltation of the
American Way in fulfillment of the mission of world server
in the interest of universal brotherhood.

     Six Day School is actually a college of three schools
based on the three point foundation of life, love, and
wisdom. The attitude is that of conscious, co-operative and
simultaneous growth in each. All three can become as one in
the light of basic truth. Neither is emphasized more than
the other two as far as the school is concerned, although
participants may individualize as they will.

     I. The School of Life teaches and trains for
constructive survival in a pastoral, agricultural or
wilderness environment without the use of public utilities.
A representative curriculum may be as follows:

	The building trades (hand tools only)
	Truck & Motorcycle driving & maintenance
	Agriculture (organic)
	Incense, soap and candle making
	Track & field games
	Home economics

     II. The School of Love teaches and practices the arts
and crafts both esoteric and exoteric. A representative
curriculum may be as follows:

	Sandal making and Leather work
	Dance and body movement
	Nature magic
	The life of Jesus ben Meriam Child's play
	Talismanic magic
	Drawing and composition

[Handwritten: sorry; p. 3 is missing]

the staff. The student requirement is the desire to learn;
the teaching requirement is the ability to teach and a
knowledge of the subject. Contract agreements or
relationships with faculty members are individual matters,
the school having no restrictive policy. The educational
method and general philosophy is essentially Western or

     Books, lab and field equipment, group transportation and
baby-sitting are provided by the school. Food and shelter
are provided for any live-in class or project such as
wilderness living or certain agricultural projects. The
physical structures, locations and staff of Six Day School
will expand and change as the curriculum matures.

     Six Day School (a non-profit organization) will never
charge or solicit a fee or any other tuition.

[Handwritten: Incredibly: still true, will continue so.]

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