Letters from Marcy: Antiochian update

Here’s an update from Marcy from The Antiochian (apparently Antioch’s alumni-life-updates newsletter) from July 1968.

She is teaching at the Caspar Community School which she and several other residents of the Mendocino area formed this year, and which she says is a “penniless but thoroughly exciting venture, for children five through eight—no pay but infinite rewards.” She also writes that she recommends “...country living to everyone—baking bread, canning, delivering your own child at home are not as fully integrated into the fabled Antioch Experience as they might be.” Marcy also wonders how many Antioch graduates can “hang an axe handle, run plumbing lines, fell a tree, bake good bread, cook for 30 people, use a treadle sewing machine, dig a well—live in the woods for a week with a knife and matches? Not that we claim all these skills, but most of them, and our neighbors can do what we can’t and much much more.”

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