Conservative Tenet # 4

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Your Humble Blogger has been slacking lately; perhaps a way to get back into the swing of things is with another Conservative Tenet. When we last left our Conservative, he was up to ...

4. The inevitability and necessity of social classes, and consequent folly and futility of most attempts at leveling.

I do think that there is a tendency to divide up into classes, and that it is a Bad Thing. In fact, I think that the Class Thing is a very serious problem in our society; it's connected to the Race Thing, of course, and to the Money Thing, although not as closely as it might appear. Anyway, attempts at leveling are, to a certain extent, futile, but they do have a substantial positive effect even though they fall short.

I'd say I believe that social classes are inevitable and harmful, and despite their ultimate futility, most attempts at leveling do ease the harm of social class division, and are therefore a Good Thing.

There's a quote that I thought was from Pirke Avot (Sayings of the Fathers; a Jewish wisdom collection) but I can't immediately locate (in fact, I can't immediately locate my copy of the book, much less the quote inside it) says something like "Just because it is not given to you to complete the task, you are still obliged to begin it."

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