Not – repeat – NOT a Crusade. Right?

The provocative Bill Berkowitz writes about a truly scary thing; the possibility of the US government giving preferential treatment to Christian proselytizers in post-war Iraq. Why is this scary? Well, remember that the real nightmare scenario in all this is a very low-odds proposition: a well-funded pan-Islamic anti-American coalition, with control over OPEC and millions of soldiers willing to use terrorist methods. It's a low-odds proposition because (a) all the Islamic leaders hate each other, and couldn't get a coalition to order lunch, and (2) many if not Islamic leaders see the US as beneficial or potentially beneficial to their interests (I'm trying to imply that the leaders may be using their personal interests or their constituents' interests, it shouldn't matter for the scenario). So, what could make this low-odds proposition more likely?

First, the perception that the US is going to pick off Islamic leaders one-by-one, unless they band together for defense. So far, most have been not been weeping over Saddam, but if we do take Syria, and Iran, and Lebanon, they'll start to sweat.

Second, the perception that the US is on a Clash-of-Civilizations (Let's assume that this prof. got permission to post the full text of that article) crusade against the East. We have been publicly saying all along that our quarrel is political (or diplomatic, or what have you), not religious. Other people have been saying all along that it is a religious fight. If Islamic leaders become convinced that it is, they will be less willing to see the US as beneficial.

Perhaps I am unreasonably scared. Perhaps I am worrying too much about the low-odds nightmare. I sure hope somebody advising Our Only President is worrying about it, though, and the Our Only President is, just to be on the safe side, listening.

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2 thoughts on “Not – repeat – NOT a Crusade. Right?

  1. david

    i wasn’t really scared until somebody sent me a link to this article in the new republic this morning. the critical statement:

    When the last of Saddam’s regime is defeated, thousands of Americans will quietly withdraw from [Saudi Arabia]. They will join the quarter-million U.S. troops already in Iraq, and take up long-term residence on the borders of Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. And so will begin the next phase in the war on terror.

    holy crap. holy crap. iraq will collapse and then, we’ll be in hell. our troops, these kids, are going to be pointed at mecca? welcome to total insanity.

  2. david

    wrong, came from the national review, not the new republic, please excuse my conservative-NR confusion. link’s right though!

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