Reconstruction work

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There were three entries demolished on Monday, one of them (as I've said) was a note on Conservative Tenet # 8; I will write a new one, soon. One of the others was a link to the Who Owns What page over at the Columbia Journalism Review site, a useful (and, if you haven't been paying attention, shocking) list of which big media conglomerates own which media outlets. If you are unfamiliar with the exciting dog-eat-dog world of book publishing, check out the imprints owned by Pearson or Bertelsmann. The third was a series of articles about the theft, investigation, and recovery of a Picasso, a Van Gogh, and a Gaugin. The note suggesting that the theft was not a theft but a stunt to draw attention to the "WoeFUL Security" at the Gallery has been released, and the latest news is that the pieces were not damaged as badly as was feared (which is good, but puts paid to my idea that the "recovered pieces" were forgeries.

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