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Here's a trifle of a column by Sean Gonsalves. It's quite nice, in that proud parent way, and although it isn't what I would call a logically persuasive argument, its anecdotal rhetoric is compelling.

And what do you want to be when you grow up?

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  1. metasilk

    “When you grow up” implies an end point, a completeness. I don’t think my life is like that, and I no longer want it to be. But I would still like to learn/do/share these things:

    – write and illustrate a children’s book
    – dance: bellydancing and yoag are parts of the current practice
    – take a poetry writing class
    – finish the work in the bedroom so we can sleep in it
    – get a whole lot better at web site design (look and feel) and construction
    – learn to notice and understand the trees where I live
    – raise a kid or 2

    …why is it scary to write these down?


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