Only One Man can save us now

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Your Humble Blogger was just asked, by a recorded message over the telephone, whether “marriage between only one man and one woman should be legal in the state of Connecticut”. I froze. I mean, I would be against making marriage between only one man and one woman illegal. That seems harsh. On the other hand, since the National Organization for Marriage, which paid for the robocall, would probably represent all the yes responses as being from people who oppose gay marriage, it would be bad to inflate that number. But then, responding yes would clearly label me as a moron, right? And it’s possible, just, that the yes responses would be used as some sort of they want to ban heterosexual marriage strawman, and I don't want to contribute to that, either, do I?

After a few seconds of silent panicking, I heard the machine say that the survey would terminate if they didn't hear yes, no, or repeat, so I stayed silent and let the thing sign off.

I remain a bit perplexed, though. I mean, assuming that the writer and the voice actor meant to ask whether I thought that only marriage between one man and one woman should be legal, how did they screw up the sentence? It’s not like the other way reads better, in fact, it was so obviously screwed-up that my response was to the screwed-up word order, rather than to the content of the question. Or, perhaps, I’m still a stickler, underneath. Which should still be legal, in the state of Connecticut.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,

4 thoughts on “Only One Man can save us now

  1. Michael

    Ah, scope confusion. Are you sure they weren’t asking about removing the forced polyandry from the state constitution?

  2. Nao

    Which man and which woman, anyway? It sounds to me like they only want to allow one specific heterosexual couple.

    Stephen says it seemed like the opposite to him, that the law was meant to ban a specific couple from marrying.

  3. textjunkie

    How strange–I wonder if there was some way you could figure out who had put that poll together and make sure that they and everyone else knows the results are discredited.


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