I’ve got a little list, except I don’t anymore

Your Humble Blogger would like any ideas y’all have for replacing the Google Reader Notes feature that is no longer available. I didn’t use the thing the way Google wanted me to, so I suppose I can’t blame them for not continuing to support my off-label use of their system. Still, I need something new, and maybe y’all use something for a similar purpose.

It’s like this: The Google Reader allowed me to make a note of a page I was on, typing a short note and adding the entry to a list of links/notes. It was for sharing the links and notes with my Google Buddies, but I could (and did) uncheck the box for sharing and simply have a private list, which I could access from my Google Reader page. Mostly, I used the list for news stories and blog entries that I thought I might want to write about here in this Tohu Bohu. Many of them I simply deleted on a second look, deciding that there wasn’t anything in there that inspired me to blog, but sometimes I actually found a way to write about the thing after it had percolated for a while on that list. Also, if I came across a reference to a book I wanted to read, I put it into that list; I could pull up the citation when I was at work and either get or request the thing.

So. What I want is a way to keep lists of web sites, ideally with the ability to make a short note for myself indicating why I wanted to keep the site for. This may sound like a job for Bookmarks (or favorites or whatever terminology a browser uses), and in fact it is, only I specifically want to be able to access the list from different computers. I don’t, however, want to synchronize all my bookmarks—when I’m at work, I want my work bookmarks, and when I’m at home, I want my home bookmarks, and when I’m on the road, I want my road bookmarks, but I also want a list that I can get to from all those locations.

I don’t want to share the list with anybody (sorry, y’all, but the ones I actually have something to say about make it into this Tohu Bohu); I would on the whole prefer that the list not be part of a social networking site, even with tools for making a private list. I am probably not going to sign up for a new social networking site even if it has the tools I want. I would be willing to add on a Firefox widget, but I’m not going to change browsers (or operating systems) for this, and I find the page for figuring out which Firefox extensions and add-ons to use unhelpful in the extreme.

I could write the URLs on my forearm.

This seems like one of those things that would be very easy to create, but that there wouldn’t really be a reason to bother creating it and disseminating it. It made a nice addition to an aggregator—now that I think about it, I would almost certainly be willing to change to a different aggregator, if it’s a good one. Any recommendations?

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,

4 thoughts on “I’ve got a little list, except I don’t anymore

  1. Matt

    My solution to this problem was to make a generic HTML page with a list of URLs that I can visit from any computer, although in practice I only do so from my personal computer.


  2. Vardibidian

    No, but the thinking went: I could do an HTML page, then I just need to paste in the new URLs, and I would just need to upload the new version whenever I’ve edited it, but that’s not so hard. Then the thinking went: Google Docs! In their word processor, pasted URLS are links, and I can type whatever I want on the next line. It’s not perfect (it would be nice to have an auto-paste of the page title, like a bookmark does) but it will do.



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