I doubt the redoubt

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The Citadel has been turning up in the news lately—no, not that one, the IIIArms one, the modern fortress town that a gun company is hoping to build in the mountains of Idaho. There was an article about it in the Idaho Statesman a month ago, and since then it has shown up in TPM, The Atlantic and Reason, which latter oddly points to a Daily Mail article. Big readers of the Daily Mail over at Reason, are they?

Anyway, yes, there’s a small gun company that is planning to put its profits into building a company town in the “American Redoubt”, a Town Without Liberals, a community for like-minded Patriots to live free or die, and To be removed and protected from peril…in the event of a national economic implosion. I hope they’ll be printing their own company scrip!

My initial reaction, other than scorn and derision, was that the perplexity I often feel that the delusional do not pursue their delusions more logically. I mean, if you think, delusionally of course, that the Government is going to be coming to take your guns, then a fortress town is scarcely a safe place to be. A Government that has started in with the house-to-house gun confiscation that they fear is not going to respond to an armed encampment by shrugging and letting it go. They’re going to bomb the fuck out of it. I mean, seriously: what we have learned from Ruby Ridge, Koresh and CSA is that… they didn’t have high enough walls? You know, the whole paranoid fantasy is based—has to be based—on the idea that the federal government will become far more tyrannical and violent than it currently is, or even that they imagine that it is in their paranoid fantasies. So those future tyrants and their jackbooted etcetera will be, presumably, more inclined to make the situation end worse and with a higher body count.

Well, and it turns out that the Citadelians are not actually preparing for the One World Government to take away their guns (but not their Freedom!) (Well, except by imprisoning or killing them, obviously) but instead preparing for a grid-down, economic collapse scenario, according to their FAQ. (A more frequently asked question, by the way, is probably are you mad? followed in frequency by this is a joke, right?) They say that The Citadel is not designed to withstand any direct .Mil or .Gov attack, so that’s all right. They’re just preparing for the Electromagnetic Pulse and subsequent collapse of the financial, engineering and commercial infrastructure. Go to it, lads! Have fun storming the castle!

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,

1 thought on “I doubt the redoubt

  1. irilyth

    Yeah, I assume they’re more like survivalists who want to be prepared when anarchy comes, than like rebels who plan to stand up to the full force and might of the United States armed forces. :^p


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