Cheap shot, but

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It’s a cheap shot, but:

“For weeks, I’ve stated that I wouldn’t let the Senate become a theater for show votes and messaging stunts from either side. We’d only vote on plans that stood an actual chance of being signed by the president and thus becoming law.”

-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, 25 January, 2019

Actual show votes took place in the Senate on 24 January, 2019.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,

2 thoughts on “Cheap shot, but

  1. irilyth

    I dunno; I mean, yes, but also, maybe he decided to do his fucking job and let the legislature vote on legislation, rather than blocking anything that he could plausibly claim “had no chance of being signed”?

    To put it another way, it’s hard for me to be annoyed at McConnell *not* being an obstructionist jackass.

    1. Vardibidian Post author

      Sure—my point, insofar as I have one, is that having those show votes on Thursday—votes that everyone knew wouldn’t pass—led directly to the actual deal happening the day after. I don’t know if that would have worked four weeks before, but certainly his boasting that he didn’t have show votes at all was… not accurate.



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