Sciver-Brunt for the win

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So, the English cricketers Nat Sciver and Katherine Brunt, who are both on the Women’s National ODI and T20 teams as well as on the Trent Rockets of the Hundred league, were married earlier this winter. And I am totally pleased for them, and it’s awesome and all of that, but they have chosen to hyphenate the surname and their new jerseys now read "N SCIVER-BRUNT" and "K SCIVER-BRUNT" across the back and it just seems less than optimal somehow.

I feel extremely grouchy complaining about this in any way, because as I say, it’s a lovely thing and they seem very happy indeed.

A photograph of Nat and Katherine Sciver-Brunt, from behind, showing their jerseys with their hyphenated last name. In the upper left corner is the "three lions" logo for England's Cricket team with the word "We are England Cricket"

I also wonder if they are the first (legally) married couple to represent a nation in international sports? Are there other married couples who play in the same professional league? These are not things I know.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,

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  1. Vardibidian Post author

    My question was answered in Another Place: Ali Kreiger and Ashlyn Harris have played together on the US Women’s National Soccer Team in World Cup competitions, both (I think) before and after their marriage.

    There are also married couples who have been in crew and sailing races in the Olympics together, and of course married couples who have competed as a pair for ice dancing and figure skating. I’m not entirely sure that I can justify that I don’t think those pairs count in the same way as the Sciver-Brunts and Krieger and Harris, but it seems different to me.



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