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On a lighter note

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This morning’s New York Times had an article about She Stoops to Comedy, a new play by David Greenspan. The conceit, essentially, is that a lesbian couple is having difficulties, as Alexandra is terribly possessive; when her girlfriend gets cast…

In which my perception, even of a small part of the Universe, is discovered to be incomplete, and in which I suddenly remember that, even though I knew it before

Without saying anything positive about Amir Taheri’s conclusions, or agreeing with anything Amir Taheri has to say about … well, pretty much anything, I would like to direct my Gentle Readers’ attention to this article in the National Post, which…

Puff Puff

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Are y’all reading Tomato Nation? Why the heck not? Do you want to piss her off? For crying out loud, people….


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Baseball is one of Your Humble Blogger’s passions; I expect that I will write about it as often as the brilliant and necessary Jon Carroll writes about cats. Enough to annoy those who read this Tohu Bohu for its rigorously…

Your turn

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Your Humble Blogger would like to thank Jed for his nifty comments widget; from now on, you, yes, you, Gentle Reader, can correct my egregious errors. In Real Time. This is, perhaps, a segue to the point that what I…