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The Guardian has a series of columns they have gathered under the title If not war then what? The question is the most important one. Zadie Smith writes that it is a fallacious question; Ronan Bennett claims to answer it…

UN or US?

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I hate to keep talking about the war, but it does seem to be the main topic of conversation these days. Current Issues, and all. Anyway, in conversation last night, it occurred to me that what I support is a…

Lorum Ipsum

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My friend Jed, who is kind enough to host this site, has made The Announcement, so know this Tohu Bohu is open for business. Welcome. In the very next entry, Jed forwards a quote that essentially says that hawks are…

pommes pommes

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Evidently, the AP ran a story on February 17 about Cubbie’s, a diner in Beaufort, North Carolina, which has changed a listing on the menu from “French Fries” to “Freedom Fries.” Now, mostly I’m just noting this to keep…

The French, again

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If Your Humble Blogger keeps on about the French, it’ll be a running gag, right? Which every blog needs, right? Well, Regis DeBray, a former adviser to Mitterrand, writes in French, translated by Jeffrey Mehlman, in this morning’s New…

No Good Choices

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I found my sentiments recently expressed by, of all people, John Stewart. He pointed out that he doesn’t trust Our Only President with tricky diplomacy, but that the anti-war movement doesn’t seem to address any of the actual issues. That’s…


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The thing that struck me first about the arson in the South Korean Subway was that it could happen anywhere. A guy, probably a nutball (although I wouldn’t necessarily trust the South Korean press not to cover up an…


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Yes, very funny. Thank you, -Vardibidian….