D: The Roots of Money (Reader Comments)

Danny Fahs writes to remind me of 1 Timothy 6:10:

"For the love of money is the root of all evil..."

So despite the common misquote, it's greed (formerly known as cupidity) that Paul rails against, not money itself. I stand corrected, but (as my syllogism wouldn't work with the correct quotation) unrepentant.

Danny also points out quite rightly that I left out the $2 bill. I had fully intended to include it, but couldn't remember who was on the front of it (the back has the signing of the Declaration of Independence, striking because it's not an old building), and when I looked up the list of who was on what it left out the two, so I forgot to chase down the information. Kevin Wald confirms what Danny and I guessed, that Thomas Jefferson is on the front.

I wish I had permission to quote a marvelous story which has been circulating on the Net for years, about an attempt to use a $2 bill to buy a taco. I'll try and find out who wrote it and get permission to put it up...

Elliott points out that "The '-thal' in 'Joachimsthal' (and 'Neanderthal') is cognate with English 'dale,'" and suggests that it may also be cognate with "dell."

(Last updated: 6 November 1997)

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  1. Jed

    Here, twenty years late, is a link to the $2 bill Taco Bell story, written by Captain Sarcastic and posted to various newsgroups in 1993.


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