H: Apian Patellae (Reader Comments and Addenda)

Apparently I liked the "biking Viking" one so much I needed to list it twice. Oops.

Arthur contributed some more hinks:

Alternate answers for "hink-pink: seafood spread": bream cream, or perhaps ship dip.


Where to get your fix while you're on shore leave?
Tar bar. [Or the related "smack shack." —JEH]
A little cream cheese on the wharf.
Pier schmear.
It's a dog's face.
Pug mug.

And a couple of longer items:

Hinky-pinky: Spelunking slogan.
Grotto motto.
Hink-pink-dink: It smells like carpet beetles.
Rug bug fug.

I know an anecdote about Norman Mailer's use of the word "fug," but I think I'll save it for another time... Anyway, that last one forced me to try my hand at extending the idea ad absurdum:

hink-pink-dink-bink-gink-nink-frink-jink: a fuss concerning a word puzzle about a ratting lizard who's unusually fond of metallic weasels.
fink skink/zinc mink kink hink-pink stink!

Arthur added a few less strict items:

hinky-pinky: "Oh no, Bobby's stuck in the furnace and his parents will be home any minute!"
au pair nightmare [or perhaps au pair's despair?]
hinkety-pinkety: A pure thickener.
absolute arrowroot
hinketius pinketius: Greek princess.
sorority authority [And here I thought the answer would involve "Basileia Makhetes"...]

(Last updated: 6 November 1997)

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  1. Jed

    It took me a couple of years to finally get around to publishing the Norman Mailer/fug anecdote, in such an abbreviated form that it hardly qualifies as an anecdote.


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