lll: An Art Form Complex (Reader Comments and Addenda)

Nao Parkhurst points out that "cinq" means five, so "Cinq Ans Apr├Ęs" presumably means "Five Years Later." Bartlett's, however, does give dates twenty years apart for the two poems. I don't know whether the dates are inaccurate, or whether Burgess meant that within five years after writing "The Purple Cow" he began to regret it, or something else entirely; if anyone knows the history here, please let me know.

A reader asks if I have any further information on Dixon Lanier Merritt, he of the pelican verse. Alas, I do not, except that he was allegedly born in 1879. If any of you do have such information, please drop me a note.

(Last updated: 6 January 2000)

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