ooo: A Tautology Is a Tautology Is a Tautology (Reader Comments and Addenda)

I just found ordering information for the magnetic proverbs set. It's called "A Rolling Stone Killed the Cat," and it's published by Caryco Magnets, in Seattle. They're not set up to take orders on the Web yet; if you want to purchase a copy of the proverbs set, call 1-888-397-6261. The price they currently list for it is $14.00 (unclear whether that includes postage or not). They also have many other fine entertaining products, showcased on their site.

I can't resist quoting the packaging for the proverbs set:

Disclaimer: No cats were killed, maimed, or hurt in the manufacturing of this product. Caryco Magnets neither promotes nor condones the harming of cats in any way. Cats should be loved and cared for and never killed under any circumstances. If a rollling stone were actually to kill a cat, we would be sad.

(Last updated: 30 November 1999)

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