"Salawat" (also transliterated "salawaat" and perhaps other ways as well) is apparently the term for certain blessings used by Muslims, particularly the Arabic phrase "salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam" (abbreviated SAW or saas), usually translated as "Peace be upon him" (abbreviated PBUH), after saying or writing the name of Muhammad.

I'm not clear on whether "salawat" simply means "blessing" or whether it specifically refers to those particular blessings. Information welcome.

See also "dhikr," which Wikipedia describes as "the remembrance of God commanded in the Qur'an for all Muslims." It goes on to note: "Dhikr as a devotional act includes the repetition of divine names, supplications and aphorisms from hadith literature, and sections of the Qur'an. More generally, any activity in which the Muslim maintains awareness of God is considered dhikr."

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