Jackie pointed out (I'm paraphrasing) that we're now seeing bromance storylines with female characters. I did a quick Google for [female bromance], and found the following suggested terms:

  • womance (pronounced to rhyme with “romance”)
  • sismance
  • romansis
  • sistaffection

I don't like any of those terms, so I'm hoping that y'all can come up with something better. Any thoughts?

(Then again, I initially hated the term "bromance," but it's grown on me. (See also Jude Law on bromance.) So maybe I'll like these terms more when I'm more used to them.)

One Response to “sismance?”

  1. Jed

    Other suggested terms that showed up in that web search, but that I didn’t notice ’til after posting this entry: bramance, simance, fomance, femance.


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