human biodiversity

I recently encountered yet another vaguely-scientific-sounding term that’s used to make racism sound less bad: human biodiversity, also known as HBD.

RationalWiki explains the way that the phrase tries to come across as innocuous (to be clear, RationalWiki is being snarkily opposed to racism here):

By being just one “bio” away from supporting “diversity” and by failing to [explicitly] mention race, human biodiversity [pretends to be] the most innocuous form of racialism, because it allows one to deny any racism—because [it claims to be] recognizing biodiversity, not being racist! Coined by Steve Sailer (a political blogger) of VDARE. Unlike biological diversity, HBD is unscientific.

I had previously known other terms that people who want to excuse racism use to sound less racist, such as race realism, but I hadn’t seen HBD before.

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