G: Who’s Buried in Grant’s Tomb? (Answers)

Roosters don't lay eggs.

You usually bury those who die in an accident, not the survivors.

Electric trains don't generate smoke.

There's no dirt in a hole; the hole is what's left after you remove the dirt.

Moses didn't take anything on the ark; that was Noah.

Before the game even starts, the score is always zero to zero.

There's only one groove on each side of a record. (Except in the case of the record intentionally designed with two interleaved grooves on a single side.)

Water at 30 degrees F is in its solid state; the bowling ball dropped into the ice bucket wouldn't reach the bottom. (It could be argued that the question doesn't mention that there's anything but air in the 30-degree bucket, but I strongly suspect the original intent of the question was to trip people up on the ice bit.)

Any number of haystacks form a single haystack when combined.

Dead men (that is, the former husbands of widows) don't generally marry anyone.

One of its legs is both the same.

About this color. (Open hands held a foot or two apart, with palms either facing each other, or at right angles to each other (right palm facing left and left palm facing down).)

The higher it spins, the faster.

The cleaner you wipe it, it gets. (I'm not sure this was the original question to go with this answer, but it's the only one I can remember.)

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