A girl named Jed

I’ve known maybe six or eight other people named Jed in my life, but all of them have been (as far as I know) male.

Today I learned that Jed can also be a woman’s name.

In 1993, a John le Carré novel called The Night Manager included a woman named Jed—a nickname for Jemima. That character, by that name, also appears in the 2016 TV miniseries adaptation of the novel.

But while I was looking for more info about this use of the name, I learned that in the real world, Jed as a girl name reached a peak popularity of 10 babies per million in 2011. Which would seem to suggest that there are over 3,000 girls in the US named Jed.

It’s significantly more popular (though still not all that popular) as a boy name; it peaked in the US in 1978 at 171 babies per million.

Then again, the NameGrapher doesn’t list Jed as a girl name at all, and shows it peaking as a boy name at more like 55 babies per million. And I don’t know how much to trust the site that I linked to above.

Still, it sounds like there are at least some girls or women named Jed.

(I imagine that there are also non-binary people named Jed, but I don’t know of a place to even start looking for statistics on that topic.)

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  1. Jed Munro

    I’m a girl and my name is Jed I don’t no any other females with the same name lol


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