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S: Tom Said

Willard Espy didn't bother to define Tom Swifties in his Almanac(s) of Words at Play; perhaps he felt everyone knew what they were. I'm sure that there are some people who haven't encountered them, though, so I'll start with a quick definition. A Tom Swifty is a pun of this form: "I never get blisters; […]

R: Rhyme With Reason

"Slovenly rhyming is one of the sure signs of mediocrity in versification." —Clement Wood, The Complete Rhyming Dictionary There seems to be a bit of confusion out there over what exactly constitutes rhyme in English. But before I can talk about rhyme, I have to talk about syllable stress. [Momentary pause for obligatory stress jokes […]

Q: How the Typewriter Got Its Keys

The typewriter keyboard used almost universally in America (and with some variations throughout much of the world) was created by Christopher Latham Sholes, Carlos Glidden, and S. W. Soule around 1870. It's sometimes known as the Universal keyboard, but perhaps more commonly known as the QWERTY keyboard, after the first six letters in the upper […]

P: Verse Doodles

Now and then one feels inspired to feast upon morally uplifting poetry that one can really sink one's teeth into—great classical works from the Western canon, perhaps, such as Paradise Lost or "The Song of Hiawatha." Then again, sometimes ya just wanna kick back and relax with a light-verse snack. If you're in the mood […]

O: Pushing My Buttons

I recently heard an anecdote that involved a teenager seeing a rotary telephone and not knowing what it was. Similarly, there's a funny scene in the movie In and Out in which a supermodel runs afoul of a rotary phone. In both cases, the idea was that although rotary telephones still exist, they've been largely […]

N: Crotchety Old Crocheters

Various memory-related games involve reciting a list of items; each time you recite the list, you add a new item to it. The act of reciting the full list each time makes it much easier to remember the entire list as it grows. Some years back, Ed Cook taught us a list of eleven items […]