(Last modified 3 June 1998.)

Wanderjahr Photos: Buildings

Buildings and parts of buildings, mostly cathedrals. For each image, click the thumbnail to download the full (JPEG-format) image.

house photo
An abandoned house in Kansas (47K)
National Cathedral photo
The National Cathedral in DC (54K)
groin photo
A section of groin in the National Cathedral (37K)
fan photo
A fan in the National Cathedral (32K)
floor photo
The floor of the National Cathedral (44K)
Chrysler photo
The Chrysler Building in NYC (30K)
St. Patrick's spire photo
The spire of St. Patrick's in NYC (38K)
St. Patrick's door photo
The door of St. Patrick's (or St. John the Divine's?) in NYC (58K)
Westminster photo 1
Westminster Abbey (59K)
Westminster photo 2
Westminster Abbey again (67K)
Shakespeare photo
Shakespeare's birthplace (67K)
St. Giles' photo
St. Giles' Cathedral (32K)
Canterbury photo
Canterbury Cathedral (55K)

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