A probably unnecessary brief set of definitions for possibly unfamiliar terms I mention.

Short for "convention." sf cons are the glue that holds the sf world together: places for fans and creators to meet, talk, interact, have parties.
sf songs. Filk can refer to lyrics and/or music written by an sf author or fan; or it can refer to any new set of lyrics written to be sung to an existing tune. The term derives from a smeared mimeograph that printed "folksong" so it looked like "filksong." I'll provide a link to some filk pages when I get a chance.
Gamemaster. The person who runs an RPG.
Internet Service Provider.
Roleplaying game. A cross between improv acting and group storytelling, sometimes using dice to introduce random elements into the story.
science fiction, or speculative fiction (can include fantasy, horror, and so on).

(Last updated: 1/20/97)