As of an hour and a half ago, I'm done with work for the next two months. Yay!

I decided to celebrate by going and renting some movies.

I'd ideally like to spend the next couple days relaxing, but there's a lot to do during that time, so I'm not sure how successful I'll be. I may have to wait 'til after WorldCon to really relax. We'll see.

But for now, I'm gonna go watch a movie.

3 Responses to “Sabbatical!”

  1. naomi_traveller


    For some reason, I assumed you weren’t going. Are you going? 🙂

  2. heather w


  3. Jed

    Oops, forgot to reply to Naomi’s question: yup, I’m going. And we’ll be having the usual SH tea party, this time co-hosted by the Ideomancer folks.


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