Whiteout: The Movie

Ten years ago, Oni Press published a graphic novel called Whiteout, written by Greg Rucka and drawn by Steve Lieber. (Originally published as a four-issue miniseries.) I liked it quite a bit.

Just now, I happened across a trailer for a movie adaptation of the comic, due out in theatres this coming Friday, with Kate Beckinsale in the lead role.

I confess that the trailer made me a little dubious. The comic was, iIrc, a thriller, set essentially in the real world. The preview makes the movie look like a horror movie, and possibly a supernatural horror movie.

But I think that's just a misleading trailer (or else I'm misinterpreting it), because a posting from a couple of years ago quotes Rucka as saying, at Comic-Con '07:

I'm stunned, they've taken the best we've created and have turned it into a movie. There are things we would've loved to have done on the comic book page, that we couldn't do.

And from what I remember of the comic, Beckinsale seems like good casting. So I'm cautiously optimistic.

That makes something like five or six movies that I want to see that are currently in theatres. I better go see some of them before they disappear.

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  1. irilyth

    Apropos of your recent post about gender, one big gripe about the Whiteout movie is that the changed the female British agent from the comic into a male UN operative for the movie, presumably because it would be intolerable to have an action movie with two women as the lead characters.

    • amy

      Hahaha I was just coming over here to post this sad fact. (I was and am pissed off by this as Josh has had to hear at length, and will not be seeing the movie because of it.)


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