Dream a little dream of someone

When someone you know appears in one of your dreams, do you tell them?

I've generally been oddly flattered and pleased when someone tells me about my having been in their dream. Though less so when my dream-self's behavior has been less than stellar; I've ended up apologizing (about half tongue-in-cheek) for my dream-self a couple of times. Even though I don't actually think dreams generally have any particular Deep Meaning. (My own dreams most often seem to be a random mix of elements from whatever I was thinking about at various times during the hour or two before I went to sleep.)

But it's an odd kind of situation, and I'm never sure whether to tell other people when they've appeared in a dream of mine, especially if I don't know them well.

I was going to say that telling someone they were in a sex-related dream seems like a whole nother kettle of fish, but then I remembered being told by a friend once that I had kissed them in their dream, and I think I was flattered and pleased to hear about that. And then there was the time when a friend told me (in high school) that she'd dreamed that I was defending her from attacking snakes. . . . But sometimes a snake is just a snake.

Anyway, I'm mostly talking about non-sexual dreams.

So: do you like to hear about it when you're in someone's dream? Do you tend to tell people when they show up in your dreams? What's the most entertaining or interesting dream you've had that featured someone you knew? What's the most entertaining or interesting thing that "you" have done in someone else's dream?

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  1. brainwane

    I would like to hear about it when I’m in others’ dreams, yes. I used to tell people pretty consistently when I showed up in their dreams, but then I stopped remembering my dreams as vividly, and got more tact. I’d rather not share publicly the really fascinating dreams I’ve had that featured real-life acquaintances, but: when I was in middle school, a classmate I didn’t know particularly well told me he’d dreamt about me the previous night. Specifically, this (white) guy had dreamt that I’d had the fighting/floating/fire powers that Dhalsim has in Streetfighter II.

  2. Kir

    Mostly, no. I dream about people I know in most of my dreams, and it’s just not that interesting. Or explicable. Sometimes I just get so mad at them, and I don’t want to be mad while awake for something they didn’t in fact do! Or it’s sex, and then again, no, but then more because I’m not necessarily interested in raising that tension in real life.

    I have told ’em sometimes, because the dream itself made a good story, and I saw that particular person the next day when the dream was fresh as well.

    No particular dream(s) stand out in my memory here, except for some relationship tension ones, and those weren’t worth telling then, either. 🙂 Adventure ones come and go… enjoyable but not necessarily memorable for long!


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