Guide to John Rogers’s Leverage posts

During the run of the original Leverage TV series, showrunner John Rogers posted an open-comments blog post for each episode, where fans could post comments and questions. And then for most episodes, Rogers answered every single one of those questions in a followup blog post. Sometimes a couple hundred questions.

It was a great way to engage fans. It gave some great glimpses into the behind-the-scenes world of the show. It gave some interesting insights into Rogers’s views on storytelling. It was a remarkable gift to the community.

But for people who are watching or rewatching the episodes now, it can be kind of a hassle to dig up those posts. Google finds most of them, but not all of them; using the Blogger search function finds most of them, but not all of them; looking at Rogers‘s “leverage” label/tag finds many of them, but not in a useful order; and sometimes it’s hard to tell whether a given answers post (a) doesn’t exist, or (b) just isn’t turning up in a search.

So I’ve created a spreadsheet that links to all significantly Leverage-related posts from Rogers’s blog.

(The spreadsheet doesn’t include posts that aren’t Leverage-related, but sometimes the line between related and not related is a little fuzzy.)

Some notes:

  • I also included a couple dozen of Rogers’s posts about Leverage from before the show launched.
  • The first-season posts are much less organized in terms of the distinction betwen question posts and answer posts. Questions and answers for multiple episodes may be jumbled together on one post, sometimes without much to indicate what episode(s) they were referring to. Rogers also posted a few answers directly in the comments.
  • At this point, most or all of the posts have dozens or hundreds of spam comments at the end of the real comments.
  • Content warning throughout for Rogers’s frequent references to alcoholism and drunkenness, occasional direct and indirect Warren Ellis references, occasional references to Bill Cosby (because Rogers had previously worked on the TV show Cosby), occasional jokes in poor taste, etc.