Letters from Marcy #2: 31 January 1965

Navajo rugs
Navajo rugs

The first of the handwritten notes was a postcard from Keams Canyon, postmarked the same day as letter #3. But letter #3 refers to “the postcard I sent,” which must be this one, so I’m calling this #2 and the other one #3.

It seems a little silly to put handwritten letters in typewriter font, so I’ll just put them in block quote format.


Printed on postcard:


The Garcias

Canyon De Chelly Trading Post

Located at the entrance of Historic Canyons De Chelly and Del Muerto

Chinle, Arizona

Rug Room of quality Vegetable Dye Rugs. Chinle Vegetable Dye Rugs are all handmade, woven on a Navajo loom and do not contain commercial dyes. Colors are obtained from plants—plant roots, trees, tree bark, nuts, etc.

Visit Our Rug Room

The message that Marcy wrote on the postcard was very brief:


Most agonizing DECISIONS!!!

tempted to buy all of ’em...


(got 3)


Postmarked Keams Canyon, Ariz, Feb 1, 1965.

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