Letters from Marcy #10: 17 July 1965

Another letter from early in the summer quarter at Antioch, this one quite brief.

First mention of the Antioch School, a school for Antioch faculty children where Antioch students taught. (See also Antioch School 90th anniversary— A school that runs like a family.)

As usual in the letters from this period, a request for allergy meds, and a query about her father’s health. It sounds like he had some kind of eye surgery around this time.




Just finished my syllabus for an independent study in how
modern math is taught in the elementary schools--lots of
reading and struggle, but ought to be worth while. working
with a teacher from the Antioch school (where lots of
faculty kids go; kind of a lab school--I'll be student
teaching there next spring) who is kind of interested in

it suddenly occurs to me that I have to meet with him in
about 20 minutes and need to go and find some book titles.
letter suddenly curtailed in the interest of
same......briefly, then, all xxxx else is fine, reading a
lot, doing lots of independent work, buying books, thinking,
talking, and so forth. there is a swallow eating a berry
outside my window. the allergy season is blossoming, and
I'll need xxxx some more ambodryls pretty quick, like
probably by the xxxxx time you get this. getting to be time
to find a new antihistamine.

hope the operation is all xxxx over and successful and
recovered, and you're both home and suitably bored. let me
know what's happening in that area--lenses, glasses, etc.

also hope Alan's accident when I was there turned out to be

really have to run; more later.


                                      [handwritten: Marcia]

[handwritten: p.s. got the package with dress, skirt,


Postmark: Jul 17, 1965, Yellow Springs, Ohio. Handwritten: “Rec’d this 7/20?” and “I wrote to her 7/27.”

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