Letters from Marcy #16: 19 October 1965

In this letter, Marcy mentions how much she likes jazz—which surprised me, because in my memories, it was Peter who liked jazz. I didn’t really have a clear sense of Marcy’s taste in music, except that she liked the Clancy Brothers.

She also mentions trips to San Francisco, as she did in the previous letter. I have no idea when she first went there, or who she knew there. Peter was there by early 1966 if not earlier, but I don’t know when (or where, or how) they met.

I was amused to discover, on reading these letters, that Marcy lived in Torrance and (as of this letter) in Redondo Beach; both places are fairly close to where my brother and his family lived for years. Sadly, the street she lived on in this letter no longer exists, so I can’t look at her apartment in Street View. (She refers to it here as “Betina Street,” but it was actually Benita [not to be confused with Bonita] Avenue.)

I suppose this would be a good place to mention that I enjoy her occasional intentional variant spellings and such, as in this letter’s use of “’parkmink” for “apartment.”


                                          [pencil: 10/19/65]

Hey, ho!

I got a 'parkmink. Groovy little place in Redondo Beach
(next order of business is obtaining used bicycle for ca.
$10 so I can get to work) about 2-3 miles from the nursery
school, and LOOKING OUT ON THE x OCEAN !!! how 'bout that!
for only $55 per month, plus gas and electricity, furnished!
month-to-month lease, meaning I can leave when I want, no
sweat, no hangups, no muss, no fuss, no mess, no nasty after
taste. Have to be out of here and have place cleaned up by
the 26th, can move in there whenever I want, (starting
tomoro when I pay the rest of the rent) the only problem
being that we might go to san francisco this weekend, in
which case I have to find some of my little friends to help
me move thursday night, or monday night, but I'll be xxx
exhaused by then, if we go.

see, like we put up an ad at UCLA saying we'd take riders to
san fran anytime if they'd share expenses and driving...so
today this guy calls me at work, says he and a friend want
to go this weekend, xx contingent on lots of things, but I
really want to go--there's films I want to see, and friends,
and all like that... it would be the weekend I'm moving. o
well, it'll all work out.

anyway, address after the 26th will be apartment 6, 104
north Betina St, Redondo Beach Calif. It's just directly
east of where I am now, in just about a straight line.....

spoke to Aunts S. xxxx and S. this eve; Stelle has somenew
complaint or another, apologises for not having written to
you. Got new glasses and I think maybe a hearing aid or
something, maybe. but likethat's an assumption....

was kind of disgusted at my radio, for getting only about
two of the billion fm stations in the area; finally got new
batteries for it, xxxx discovered that one of the ones that
was in there-had x rotted all over; luckily there's a
plastic case for batteries; there wasn't in the old one that
was stolen, so nothing was spoiled. But am now more than
delighted with fantastically good reception and great fm
stations, most any kind of music any time. I mostly listen
to jazz of some sort or another; helps me think. Besides,
the good jazz station doesn't bug me with time and weather
and commercials every five seconds in the morning.

this letter is a break; I'm working on a set of notes about
the children, and have to get back to it, as I want to have
one entry x for each kid by the end of the week.

regards to all and sundry....

                                  [handwritten: love, Marcia]


Postmark: semi-unreadable, but I’m guessing it says Oct 21, 1965, Torrance, Calif. Handwritten: “Rec’d this 10/23” and “I wrote to her 10/25.”

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