Letters from Marcy #19: 10 January 1966

This note, from around the time of Marcy’s return to Antioch after her quarter in SoCal, is the briefest letter-in-an-envelope (as opposed to postcard) in the set. It’s typed at the top of a single otherwise-blank piece of paper, which was folded down the middle and then folded in sixths; don’t know why. It also has a couple of bits of masking tape on it. Maybe there was something else in the envelope originally? Dunno.


     hello, goodbye, off to school, x back to 3rd/4th grade,
teaching this time around, 8:30 every morning, gaaaa. thanks
much for check. will write soonly, luv,

     [handwritten: Marcia]


Postmark: Yellow Springs, Ohio, Jan 10, 1966. Handwritten: “Rec’d this 1/22/66” and “Ask TWA how much fare Dayton to Phila (round trip).” Also something about “World War ration book” that I can’t quite make out.

Facebook post for this letter.

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