Letters from Marcy #30: 11 January 1968

Another postcard. The art on the front was apparently made by gluing on torn bits of construction paper. KTO explained to me that it’s Chigiri-e, Japanese torn-paper art, and that it portrays an uchiwa (paper fan) with a picture of a white eggplant on it.

Japanese fan with picture of eggplant on it
Japanese fan with picture of eggplant on it

Marcy’s handwritten note on the postcard:


Hello—all’s well—going thru 3rd-trimester-sleepiness—looks like 1st part of April, maybe. Someone is giving us a papoose, & we just got a lovely teeny blanket & some tiny moccasins. (Wow!) School is wonderful, tho desperately trying to raise funds. What’s happening with you-all? love, P/M


Postmark: Mendocino, CA, Jan 11, 1968. Handwritten: “Rec’d this 1/13/68” and “Ans this 1/14/68.”

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