That’s what Youth Culture is, these days

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Your Humble Blogger does not wear T-Shirts, but I would totally buy a T-Shirt with the slogan Blackwater Shot Our Dog. I know plenty of people who would wear it. Although, you know, my is funnier. Or include the source: New York Times: Blackwater Shot Our Dog in the headline font they use. Maybe on the back, it could say w00f.

Anyway, Your Humble Blogger is unlikely to write anything very long and clever in the next, oh, let’s just say through the end of the year. I’m sick, and I’m tired, and I’m distracted, and I’m traveling, and I’m cranky. So. Expect a barrage of Short Takes, and feel free to use the comments to talk about whatever is interesting these days to people who are interested in things. Smoke ’em if you got ’em, just don’t shoot the dog.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,

4 thoughts on “That’s what Youth Culture is, these days

  1. Matt Hulan

    I’m a great connoisseur of the T-shirt, myself, but I’m not sure I would wear that T-shirt. The difficulty, for me (besides that of a dog lover whose heard too many stories lately of maligned or murdered animals), is that it increasingly seems, as this story crawls its scaly way across the Interweb, that this particular Blackwater guy may have been right, in this particular case, to kill this particular dog. Furthermore, Blackwater is being impressively solicitous to the Times over this.

    Which is, frankly, vile. They’re treating with more delicacy and conciliation (and, doubtless, reparation) the killing of what is to all appearances a faintly reviled dog than they treated the apparent mass murder of Iraqi citizens.

    More appealing to me would be an athletic jersey for the Blackwater Rotties, reading VICK on the back.


  2. Matt Hulan


    Should be “who’s,” quite right, not “whose.” I HATE it when I do crap like that. I mean, I hate it when other people do it, MORE, because in their ignorant cases it’s invariably the fault of dangerously rampant stupidity.

    Ah, well. We all make misteaks, I suppose.


  3. Vardibidian

    To me, the whole gag of the shirt is that—sure, Blackwell has been killing people, destroying infrastructure, terrorizing the countryside and siphoning off the nation’s treasure, but now they’ve gone too far. Although I should say that I am very emphatically not a dog person so the humor I see in it may be due to my insensitivity to dogs.

    And oversensitivity to typos. You know, Hartman’s Law doesn’t apply here, so I could just fix it for you if you like.


  4. Matt Hulan

    Dogs. I could tell you stories.

    Anyway, thanks for the typo-fixing offer, but I prefer the comedy of having a typo, ranting obtusely, and making a spelling error in the rant. I’m funny that way.

    I mean, not to say that I’m funny, ’cause that wouldn’t be humble, but that I’m peculiar. Or, in the words of the writer of King of the Hill and some other stuff, I’m funny hee hee, not funny ha ha.



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