M: What’s Showing? (Reader Comments and Addenda)

Ranjit writes that a road rally he was once in included the clue "Turn right at Sleeping Crimson." He explains: "Turned out to be a movie theater showing While You Were Sleeping and Crimson Tide. I never saw those movies, but the mysteriously evocative phrase 'sleeping crimson' has stuck with me ever since. I considered using it for my web site name, but moonmilk is so much shorter..."

Jeff Hildebrand mentions seeing "After Dark My Sweet Presumed Innocent" on a marquee. And Melissa Shaner found "Flubber Apostle."

Stewart Evan provides a couple of marquee juxtapositions from Santa Cruz. Some years back, at the Riverfront Twin, he saw


to the

Ah, yes, "Accidental Farewell to the Tourist King," that classic of American cinema. This year, Stewart saw a "juxtaposition that suggested that the guy putting up letters had forgotten titles and was putting up plot summaries":

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