rr: Tablespoons (Reader Comments and Addenda)

Further notes about Graffiti: Palm PDAs come with a little card showing how to draw Graffiti characters; you can see a version of the Graffiti card online if you're curious and don't have access to a Graffiti-capable PDA. If you try the Graffiti applet on that page, note that you need to draw really slowly for the applet to work—it's not a very good simulation of the experience of writing on a PDA screen. Also note that there are alternate versions of several of the characters that are much easier to draw and that the Pilot is better at recognizing, at the cost of not being quite as close to the standard letter shapes. (For instance, in writing B, D, P, and R, you can start at the lower left instead of starting at the upper left, thereby saving yourself a redundant vertical stroke.)

(Last updated: 12 January 1999)

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