Tolkien fonts

Some Tolkien-related fonts:

Tolkienesque Regular and Tolkienesque New (scroll down on page)
Two fonts inspired by Tolkien’s calligraphy. The Regular version “has a slightly distressed feel, with uneven edges”; the New version “remade the entire font from scratch, in order to clean up all the outlines (to remove the ‘distressed’ quality) and give it a lighter, more elegant, calligraphic look.”
A font “inspired by the typography that appeared on Pauline Baynes’ classic Middle-earth maps.” My initial thought was What does this have to do with Tolkien? It’s obviously based on Pauline Baynes’s Narnia illustrations! But nope, I was wrong. I don’t know why that looked so Narnia-like to me; the lettering on her Narnia maps is different.
Fonts related to the LotR movies
Daniel Reeve, who created the calligraphy and maps in the movies, provides several of the fonts from the movies.

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