morfternoon and maen

A few weeks ago, I coined the word morfternoon, which refers to the period of time in a given day when it’s technically very late morning or even afternoon, but one is having such a slow start to one’s day that it’s effectively morning.

Sadly, I see that others have also coined this term; there are a few dozen instances of it on the web. Urban Dictionary’s top-ranked definition has to do with time zones, but its second definition is the same basic idea as mine: “Late morning but not quite afternoon. When you don’t know [whether] to say good morning or good afternoon.”

I hadn’t thought about the time-zone-greeting issue. It turns out that another option for greeting people in a different time zone is good maen, where maen is a (usually non-capitalized) acronym for “Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Night.”

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  1. KTO

    In Japanese, ohayōgozaimasu (lit. “It doth be early”, i.e. “good morning”) covers the first time you greet colleagues, even if it’s in the evening because you’re in the restaurant trade.


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