The email subject line that goes wrong

Last Chance! Broadway’s Longest-running Play Must Clothes Aug 26

This was the subject heading on an email this morning—it wasn't spam, technically, as I am signed up to get occasional emails from organizations attempting to sell me discount tickets to theater in New York, because I like to think of myself as a theatergoer. I was startled, though, by the error. I mean, it could be the Cupertino effect, of course, or whatever the phrase is for the similar substitution in nice-beach-wrecking, but surely somebody would have noticed before the thing was sent out, yes?

Well, and it made me curious enough to actually open the email, and discovered that it was a deliberate error, in fact a sort of joke kind of thing, in a way.

Advertisement for _The Play that Goes Wrong_ reading "Last Chance! Must Clothes Aug 26"

So that's all right.


2 Responses to “The email subject line that goes wrong”

  1. Holly

    It’s an extremely good play too, by the way (or at least the UK production I saw in Leeds was).

  2. Joe

    Agree with Holly, it’s a very good play. I’ve seen the NYC production, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’d compare it with Noises Off, but without the backstage drama between the actors. Instead, it has a high level of vaudevillian slapstick, all perfectly timed and executed.


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