Peeve: Labeling short bits of dialogue as perfectly fluent

I feel like I see this kind of thing a lot in sf stories. Made-up example:

“Feh!” she said, in perfect unaccented fluent Old High Garzingian.

I feel like a single interjection, or any other single word, or even a brief phrase, isn’t really enough of a sample for an observer to be able to tell whether someone is a fluent speaker of a given language.

I know this is a tiny issue. But it always throws me out of the story, and I feel like I’ve been running into it fairly often lately.

One Response to “Peeve: Labeling short bits of dialogue as perfectly fluent”

  1. KTO

    Unaccented I’d buy. *Fluent* — I’m going to join you over in the argle bargle corner, growling. In dialect.


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