Not, in Fact, Related to Tile

As a middle-aged person with teenagers, I occasionally run up against language that Kids These Days are using.  Yesterday, I learned “groutfit” when another mom posted on Facebook that her son came home wearing someone else’s shirt: he was mocked for wearing a groutfit, so he traded shirts with a friend.

A “groutfit” is a gray outfit.

Apparently there is also a “bloutfit,” but this requires disambiguation, because it could be a blue outfit or a black outfit.  Kids These Days.

2 Responses to “Not, in Fact, Related to Tile”

  1. -Ed.

    So, non-word-related sadness about mocking people’s clothes, but the shirt-exchange response is kinda sweet, honestly. Almost Matthew 5ish—if any man should be mocked for his shirt, give him your cloak also.


  2. Jed

    Hee! I’m glad for your title, ’cause I too would’ve assumed tile-relatedness.

    I guess my usual approach these days is a broutfit (brown), except when I’m wearing a blirt with brants.


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