Gregg shorthand dictionary

I’ve been transcribing my grandmother’s diary from 1926, and found that there are a few lines written in shorthand, which she was studying at the time. I don’t read shorthand, and wasn’t sure what kind of shorthand it was.

But many years after writing the diary, she provided a sort of Rosetta Stone in a couple of places, by transliterating a couple of the shorthand phrases back into English letters.

Which gave me enough of a clue that some Google searching helped me conclude that she was using Gregg shorthand.

At some point, I would like to write more about shorthand in general, and the different kinds, and its international history, and so on. But all that will require more research than I’m up for right now. So instead, for now I’ll just point you to the Wikipedia entry for shorthand. And, because I had a hard time finding it, to the Gregg Shorthand site, which includes a downloadable and partly searchable PDF version of a Gregg Shorthand Dictionary from 1930, featuring 19,000 English words.

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