I just accidentally turned two pages at once in a book, and read what appeared to be the following line:

…swindle a Texan balcony of her mansion…

(Hustlers & Con Men, by Jay Robert Nash, pages 311 and 314. The page break is after the word Texan.)

I was going to call this accidentally-turn-an-extra-page-but-it-still-sorta-makes-sense phenomenon a turner, but then I realized that I more often run into this kind of thing when I accidentally skip a line on a page, reading directly from the end of one line to the beginning of the 2nd line following. So I’ll call such items skippers.

And misprints count, too, in the case where a book is accidentally missing a line of text but the juxtaposition of one line’s end and the next line’s start makes sense or is amusing.

I welcome contributions of skippers that you run into.

(For this kind of thing, I would normally also welcome made-up examples, but I feel like that might be too easy in this case. But certainly I welcome examples where you didn’t really skip anything but where it would be amusing if you had.)

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