Dramatic and undramatic

Dramatic and evocative nouns are often used in common phrases, and in titles of works of fiction. And they apparently become even more dramatic and evocative when paired with other such nouns and linked using and. For example:

  • Blood and fire
  • Thunder and roses
  • Lace and steel
  • Sword and sorcery

So Iā€™m amusing myself with the following procedure: take a phrase of the form ā€œA and B,ā€ where A and B are both dramatic nouns, and substitute a mundane or otherwise non-dramatic noun for one of the two items (but not both).


  • Blood and soap
  • Thunder and kittens
  • Lace and matzoh
  • Sword and slippers

Further examples welcome.

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  1. MyS

    Sturm und Drano

  2. Vardibidian

    Life or Desk


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