same shoe

Just saw someone on a BoardGameGeek forum use the phrase “I am in the same shoe with you,” which I don’t recall ever encountering before. I like it—it was immediately clear what it means—but now I’m curious about it.

A Google search for [“same shoe with you”] shows only about 13,000 instances of that phrase online—which is a large enough number that it’s clearly a known phrase, not just something that one or two people made up, but it’s a small enough number that it’s clearly not a widespread phrase. A search for [“same boat with you”] gives about 15 times as many results. (The number of Google search results shown for a given search isn’t necessarily precisely accurate, but when one search shows that many more results, it’s at least generally indicative of wider use.)

So I wonder if “same shoe” is a regionalism, or maybe a translation of a phrase from another language.

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