I have learned a new word! Rico Schacherl’s cartoon in the Daily Maverick refers to a news story—basically, the US has accused South Africa of supplying Russia with military supplies for its war in Ukraine, which South Africa denies.

Defense Minister Thandi Modise said “We put fokol, nothing, onto that ship.”

So, what is “fokol”?

I believe that in British English, one would have said they put fuck-all on the ship. Wiktionary spells it fukkol, while commenters on the an article in the Business Day spell it “vokol”.

The parliament was considering with the language was parliamentary. “In my home town it means nothing,”, the minister said.

I don’t know under what circumstances I could use this new word, but I learned a new word.


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  1. -Ed.

    I wanted to add—in great negation form, Defense Minister Modise both said that they put fokol on the ship, and also that “We did not send fokol to Russia”.



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